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A Malaysian Kitchen Series

An inspirational and modern Malaysian kitchen brand aspiring to deliver the richness of flavourful moments with an infusion of cultural diversity and heritage. Let's ignite the innovation of Malaysian flavours through scrumptious recipes and great food!​​​

Authentically Malaysian Delights​​

A proudly Malaysian brand that wholeheartedly embraces flavours that are authentically rojak, VeSawit is a high-quality palm olein that is heat-stable and features a lighter taste—the perfect cooking companion for your favourite Malaysian dishes. ​​

VeSawit Cooking Oil

Cholesterol-free and high in natural Vitamin E, VeSawit is a refined, bleached and deodorised (RBD) palm olein that is specially fractionated and refined to achieve a clear golden oil. It is your reliable companion in general cooking and deep-frying.

Available pack size: 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 8.5 kg & 17 kg | FAQ

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Q What is VeSawit made of?
A VeSawit is made of 100% pure palm olein.
Q Who are the target users of VeSawit?
A Malay cooks who prefer a cooking oil with a lighter taste to suit their cooking preferences.​
Q What are the key attributes of VeSawit?
A VeSawit is cholesterol-free and rich in natural vitamin E. The oil is highly heat stable even at 230°C.

Malaysia’s Finest and Most Flavourul Corn Oil

As a vibrant and exciting brand that celebrates all the diverse flavour profiles and cuisines of our melting pot of cultures, VeCorn has earned its title as Malaysia's leading corn oil brand by elevating your desserts with the ultimate authentic flavour!

VeCorn Cooking Oil

Want to unleash the natural flavours in your food? Say hello to VeCorn, a soft cooking oil extracted from the germ of corns to bring you a uniquely mild taste, an abundance of polyunsaturated fat and vitamin E, and versatility in cooking.

Available pack size: 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg & 3kg | FAQ

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Q Is VeCorn a pure corn oil?
A Yes, VeCorn is a 100% pure corn oil and the brand has been established in Malaysia for over 30 years.​
Q Where is the product produced?
A The product is imported by YL Brands in bulk and is then packed locally into various consumer pack sizes.
Q What is corn oil good for?
A Ideal for general cooking as well as baking.

Quality Soy, Genuine Joy

Beloved in Malaysia for over 30 years, VeSoya is made of high-grade imported soybean oil. It is suitable for general cooking and is also widely used in gourmet restaurants and five-star hotels.

VeSoya Cooking Oil

Preferred by gourmet Japanese restaurants and foodies alike, VeSoya soya bean oil gives food a balanced taste and aroma while its rich Linoeic Acid content keeps it all healthy.

Available pack size: 3 kg & 17 kg | FAQ

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Q What is soya bean oil?
A Soya bean oil is produced from soya beans and is widely used in Western countries.
Q Where is VeSoya produced?
A VeSoya is imported in bulk and repacked in Malaysia by YL Brands.​
Q What are the different pack sizes available?
A They are available in 2 sizes - 3kg and 17kg.

Spice up your life

Add a touch of authentic pep in every meal with VeLada, a proudly Malaysian pepper brand that is 100% sourced from Sarawak. It's an all-natural experience that will uplift any dish!

VeLada White Pepper Powder

Enhance your meal with a mildly spicy tinge of VeLada White Pepper Powder! It's an all-natural experience that is 100% sourced from Sarawak with no added preservatives.

Available pack size: 500 g | FAQ

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VeLada Black Pepper Powder​

What's a good meal without a zest of excitement? Spice up your meal with VeLada Black Pepper Powder! It's an all-natural experience that is 100% sourced from Sarawak with no added preservatives.

Available pack size: 500 g | FAQ

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Q Where is VeLada's pepper sourced from?
A VeLada is 100% sourced from Sarawak.
Q How can VeLada be used?
A VeLada is perfect for both food preparation and dining, on either vegetables or meat. It can also be used in dressings and marinades.