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Classic Flavours Anytime, Anywhere

Teatime is better with our lovingly crafted selection of hearty beverages!

Brewed in Sabah Tea Garden, a 6,200-acre plantation nestled on Mount Kinabalu at 2,272 feet above sea level, Sabah Tea draws its uniquely rich fragrance and aroma from the 130-million-year-old Borneo rainforest, which naturally repels insects and pests for pure, unspoilt harvests.​

Sabah Tea consists of tea leaves that are picked from our very own plantation. Only the tender leaves of the pure Camellia Sinensis tea trees are carefully selected and processed for our black tea, producing a distinctive taste with full-body aroma but subtle character, and no additional colouring. ​

100% rich freshness and 100% pesticide-free.
Perfect for discerning lovers of tea and mother nature.

Sabah Tea Sabah Black Tea

Sabah Tea contains only choice tender leaves grown in one of the world's rarest all-organic agricultural projects that are 100% pesticide-free.

Available Pack Sizes: 40 g, 80 g, 100 g, 200 g | FAQ

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Q What is Sabah Tea?
A Sabah Tea is a black tea—commonly known as Ceylon Tea in Malaysia. You may enjoy it with sugar or milk, or both. Try it without any sweetener to enjoy its original taste!
Q What makes Sabah Tea unique?
A No Colouring – no artificial colouring or flavourings are added to our tea. It’s 100% pure Camellia Sinensis tea. Pesticide-Free– due to the unspoilt surrounding environment and the untouched habitat of our plantations, no pesticide is used in the caring of our plants.
Q What are the differences between black tea, green tea and Chinese tea?
A The tea leaves are all the same—Camellia Sinensis. The difference lies in the processing—black tea is fully fermented, green tea is not, and oolong tea is partially fermented.
An all-time favourite variant of our high-quality Sabah Tea, Sabah Tea Tarik is crafted so that anyone can enjoy Malaysia's most beloved local kopitiam drink anytime and anywhere without compromising on taste and quality.

Sabah Tea Tarik Classic

The Perfect Golden Blend

Sabah Tea Tarik is a bold yet creamy tea that fuses the iconic Malaysian Pulled Tea with the pure taste of English Milk Tea, bringing you a taste so smooth and rich that it would continue to swirl in your mouth long after you have set your cup down. 

Available pack size: 360 g (12 x 30 g) | FAQ

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Q What is Sabah Tea Tarik?
A Sabah Tea Tarik is an extension of the Sabah Tea Brand and it is made with high-quality tea extract. Sabah Tea is a unique fusion of English Milk Tea and local ‘Pulled Tea’.
Q What makes Sabah Tea Tarik unique?
A The formulation. It is a fusion of the iconic Asian Pulled Tea with the pure taste of English Milk Tea. The perfect combination of these two will give you the best of both worlds—providing Pulled Tea lovers the convenience of enjoying the perfect blend anytime, anywhere.
Q What is the difference between Sabah Tea Tarik and other brands in the market?
A Our unique formulation brings you a smooth, creamy, frothy and luscious tasting beverage that will leave you cherishing every sip. Its comforting aroma is also something amazing to look forward to!