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Live Spotlessly

Whether it's your fabric or kitchen, enjoy it all without a speck of stain.

Sunplus dishwashing liquid and bleach are tough on grease with their powerful stain removing performance and 99.9% antibacterial strength.

Sunplus 99.9%
Antibacterial Bleach

Ready to enjoy home living without worrying about bacteria and viruses?
Sunplus Bleach not only removes tough stains and keeps your whites fresh and bright, it's even specially formulated with 99.9% antibacterial strength to help keep your living areas bacteria-free!

Available Pack Sizes: 250 ml, 500 ml, 900 ml & 4 L (Regular & Lemon)

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Sunplus Dishwashing Liquid

Effectively removes grease and stains with just a few drops to get the job done. Washing dishes and utensils will no longer be a bore with the freshness of Lime and zesty Lemon.

Available Pack Sizes: 500 ml & 900 ml (Lemon & Lime) | FAQ

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Q How do you use Sunplus dishwashing liquid?
A Just a small amount of Sunplus will give you cleaner and sparkling dishes:
1. Squeeze liquid into container and dilute with water. 2. Wash dishes with sponge or dishcloth. 3. Rinse with water.