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The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaner​

Meet the solution to all your home cleaning needs!

Formulated with superior antibacterial power, KIZZ is your ideal solution in tackling hygiene issues at home.

KIZZ Multi-impact Kitchen Cleaner

7 powerful features, 1 compact bottle.

Take your kitchen cleaning efficiency to the next level with the only kitchen spray that comes equipped with 7 functions.​

  • Lemongrass Scent
  • No-Rinse Formular
  • Tough Stain Eliminator​
  • Shiny Finish
  • Safe Insect Repellent
  • 2x Degreasing Power
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs​
Available pack size: 500 ml

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KIZZ Dishwashing Liquid

A few drops are all you need.

Specially formulated for ultra-cleaning action, removing grease and stains with KIZZ Dishwashing Liquid takes just a few effortless drops.
Washing dishes will no longer be a bore with KIZZ's Aromatic Citrus Lemon or Refreshing Citrus Lime aromas.

Available pack size: 900 ml (Lime & Lemon)

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KIZZ Brighster Floor Cleaner

Specially formulated with 99.9% antibacterial strength, KIZZ Brighster Floor Cleaner effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria on your floor and in other living areas—the ideal sanitisation for the whole family.

Available pack size: 200g | FAQ

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Q What is the difference between KIZZ Brighster Floor Cleaner and other brands in the market?
A KIZZ Brighster Floor Cleaner has a unique formulation which leaves floors and household surfaces with a comfortable, dry feeling.

KIZZ Dishwashing Paste

The one and only grease buster.

Not all household dishwashing pastes are created equal.
Made with a special antibacterial formulation that effectively removes grease and germs from dishes and cooking utensils, KIZZ Dishwashing Paste is the ultimate grease eraser with 2x tough grease removing power to help you create a squeaky-clean kitchen with a refreshing citrus fragrance and an extra shiny finish.

Available Pack Sizes:
Lime + Aloe Vera (350 g & 750 g)
Lemon + Aloe Vera (350 g & 750 g) (350 g & 750 g)
Charcoal + Lime (350 g & 750 g)
Lemongrass (350 g & 750 g)

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KIZZ Detergent Powder

Made with a special antibacterial formulation that effectively removes grease and germs, KIZZ Detergent Powder is here to freshen up your clothes and remove 99.9% of germs on them.

Available Pack Sizes: 800 g, 2.4 kg & 4 kg (Floral & Lemon)

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