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Homepage of yeelee's brands

At the heart of all our creations here at YL Brands, you'll find our undying integrity as a truly Malaysian FMCG provider.

Driven by this spirit and passion, our R&D team tirelessly innovates and develops sustainable products based on real Malaysian needs and insights, to deliver happiness, satisfaction and a brighter future to our fellow Malaysians.

That is why you can count on us to bring you products that are made with the utmost honesty, safety and respect towards both you and mother nature.


Insight-driven, affordable and high-quality. That is the name of the game here at YL Brands.

Through decades of rigorous efforts, our 4 core pillars
— Cooking Companions, Food & Beverage, Oral Care and Household Care —
thoughtfully complement and enhance the Malaysian lifestyle,
and are trusted by generations of Malaysians.