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Healthy Cooking For the Modern Family

Our premium range of healthy cooking oils is one of our lovingly crafted modern kitchen solutions created to help you cook up a storm and satisfy your taste buds without feeling guilty.

Savour The True Guilt-Free Indulgence​​

At NeuVida, we champion and inspire constant passion in exploring the undiscovered, in pursuit of a true sense of indulgence and fulfilment through the finest flavours.

Neuvida High Oleic Cooking Oil

If healthy living is your ultimate way of life, look no further than NeuVida cooking oil. Beloved for its high Oleic Acid content, NeuVida cooking oil is your perfect ally in maintaining your state of well-being with a cleaner, healthier diet.

Why choose NeuVida over olive oil? Because NeuVida's Oleic Acid content is 10% higher than olive oil's! With such an abundance of Oleic Acid, your body can more effectively maintain the health of your cells — healthier cells, healthier body!

Available pack size: 1kg, 2kg | FAQ

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Q What is NeuVida made of?
A NeuVida cooking oil is extracted from a special breed of sunflower seeds, containing the highest Oleic Acid (a.k.a. Omega-9) content — 10% higher than Oleic-rich olive oil.
Q How is NeuVida beneficial to our hearts?
A NeuVida cooking oil is recorded to have the highest level of Oleic Acid. It is a beneficial fatty acid that not only helps maintain cardiac and artery health, but is also discovered in 2019 to help extend our longevity.

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Q Can NeuVida withstand high-heat cooking?
A NeuVida can stand 245ºC of high heat, and hence it is a great choice for all types of culinary, indeed an ideal cooking oil for light cooking, deep-frying, and salad dressing.
Q Why is NeuVida different from other cooking oils?
A NeuVida is different from other cooking oils in terms of its health-beneficial properties. Extracted from a special sort of sunflower seeds, it contains high Oleic Acid and consists of a steady oil profile that withstands high-heat up to 245ºC.
Q Can NeuVida be taken raw?
A Yes, therefore it is also a great oil for salad dressing.

Your Sunny Lifelong Companion in the Modern Age

Bright and all-encompassing, the sun is a source of energy for everything on this earth; sharing its strength and healthy benefits with everyone.

Inspired by this nurturing star, SunLico likewise aims to bring you light and modern solutions to help you cook meals that are perfect for a healthy lifestyle. SunLico's high-quality oil products can be used for cooking and garnishing — elevating and complementing any dish be it Western or Asian.

Whatever your cooking needs, SunLico is your Sunny Lifelong Companion in creating delicious and healthy culinary experiences. So, let's enjoy food that's tasty and nutritious while staying guilt-free as you maintain your day-to-day lifestyle!

SunLico Cooking Oil

High in monounsaturated fats, SunLico Cooking Oil is a high-quality sunflower seed oil that is perfect for the health-conscious. Its light texture makes it versatile for all kinds of cooking and even as a salad dressing — you will be amazed by how SunLico helps elevate the flavours in your cooking without leaving you feeling guilty!

Available pack size: 1kg, 2kg, 3kg | FAQ

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Q What is sunflower oil?
A Sunflower oil is extracted from sunflower seeds.
Q Where is the product produced?
A SunLico is imported in bulk and packed locally into various pack sizes by YL Brands.
Q How can SunLico be used?
A SunLico's light taste is ideal for different types of cooking as well as salad dressing.

SunLico Cooking Spray

Enjoy convenience like never before without compromising on health with SunLico Cooking Sprays — Malaysia's only locally made high-quality cooking sprays. Handy and multi-purpose, they are your better choice for low calory diets.

Available pack size: 200g | FAQ

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Q Why is SunLico Cooking Spray a better alternative to basting brushes?​
A It is more hygienic and consistent, and even prevents crumbing of the coat.​
Q How do I use a SunLico Cooking Spray?
A Firstly, remember to give it a good shake before using. Then, aim SunLico Cooking Spray at the surface from a height of 15-20cm. Finally, directly spray it on the desired surface.
Q How do I store SunLico Cooking Spray?
A Keep the can out of direct sunlight, do not refrigerate or store it in hot places, do not pierce, compress or burn it after it's been used, and do not spray directly into fire.